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5 Quick Strategies to Improve Your Local SEO

A company is only half complete without proper outreach to its customers. Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool to ensure that your company reaches the desired audience and you receive targeted, loyal customers. While most companies optimize their website visibility for a national search, one forgets that with the number of smartphone users on the rise, there are more chances of the searches happening in a local context. It is, thus, more important to focus on local SEO because this is where more amount of your income is going to come from. Local SEO focuses on getting you higher up on the search in a more focused, locale-specific manner. It beings you more relevant customers, helping you save time in wasting your time making your organization impressive for clients who are probably never going to show up. Here are five strategies to improve your local SEO.

1. Google is the guru

  • Creating a Google My Business profile goes a longer way than we might assume. Google has got the world in its hold, whether we like it or not. When someone searches for something, say the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, the results that appear to the user are ones from the Google My Business profile pages and not from the company websites themselves
  • What this means is that, even if your website does not have content that gives you more online visibility, your Google My Business profile should be able to more than compensate for it. What’s more? Making a profile page on Google My Business website is absolutely free and takes about twenty minutes to complete.
  • This will not only render your presence in usual Google searches but in the Google Maps searches as well, which is equally important.

2. Let them shower their love

  • There is nothing like the trust that gets you, loyal customers. When you have happy customers, make sure that your online users know about it too. Make sure that your customers leave behind reviews on your website or other online portals where your company may appear.
  • Positive user remarks will encourage your potential customers to trust your company more and put you higher up on their personal ranking. It is found that about 85% of customers trust in online reviews just as they were personal recommendations.
  • One of the Best Local SEO Strategies is to ensure that you get the happiest customers to review would be to first ask for a personal review when they leave the office. Keep a record of these and choose the ones that are the most satisfied. Now, approach them through a text message or an email, requesting them to review you on the web. Once they do, do not forget to respond to them in a highly professional manner, thanking them cordially.

3. Go glocal

  • For a high local Search Engine Optimisation, there is a need to go glocal. Have your website feature content on local issues or events by connecting them to a global scenario.
  • The content can be in the form of photographs, articles, news reports, or videos. Whatever the creative medium used, the purpose is to convey the message and keep your local audience feeling that you care about their problems.
  • The articles can provide much better publicity for your business if you can feature charities or support groups which are partly or fully funded by your company. This will make the audience feel more connected to your business organization. This can help you get ranked up high on local searches for companies related to your business.
  • Hence Going local has been a great strategy to improve local SEO.

4. No room for mistakes

  • Apparently, it is not just your potential customers’ trust that you have to earn but also Google’s. Make sure that all the information provided on your website – name, address, phone number, social media links – is accurate and exactly the same across all the directories. local listings and any other webpage where these details may appear.
  • Having an eagle’s eye helps a lot in the situation. NAP is the acronym that you have to be 100% sure about, i.e., Name, Address, and Phone number. The local citation has been the best strategy to improve local SEO.
  • It is not just your Google My Business profile page that Google takes into account while deciding the position of your organization in a search, but also the accuracy of these pieces of information across different online sites. Even the smallest spelling mistakes can be enough to hamper your local ranking. Hence, it is extremely important for you to not just verify but cross-verify multiple times to make sure that all the details remain consistent.
  • Further, to make sure that Google is able to verify these details, the details have to be necessarily in text format. Images are not read by Google and would not help in the process.

5. The media for all

  • Social media is your secret passageway to potential customers and a great strategy to improve local SEO. There is almost no one who hasn’t made a social media account on at least one of the popular sites. Make sure that you use the influential power of social media to its maximum extent.
  • While there has been much debate on whether or not Google uses social media to rank businesses online, one cannot take the chance. Social media is an easy way to get people noticing your organization and attract them as customers.
  • Engage with people on your social media platforms by posting contests, interesting quotes, and other interactive content. Content posted on your websites can also be publicized using social media with links that take them back to your site. This way you can increase the traffic of your site and get an audience who is actually interested in your business.
  • Facebook is thought to have the highest influence on local searches and, thus, it is especially important to have your Facebook pages optimized. When people “check-in” at your organization or tag you on posts sharing their experience, they become free tools that will help in improving your visibility.

While word-of-mouth publicity is definitely a good way to bring new customers to our business, it is necessary that we adapt with time and tap all possible options. In today’s world, search engines have an important role to play in both increasing and decreasing our customer numbers and satisfaction. Having an optimal and strategical improvement in local SEO is very important to get the customers who may not have seen your business in-person but need your services. By having an optimal Search Engine Optimisation, one can connect to potential customers who may be unaware of your services.

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