Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Higher Consumer Reach
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Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Higher Consumer Reach

There are over 500 million smartphone users in India, as of 2019. So if you own a business in any city or town of the country, your prospective consumer is probably out there looking for products or services similar to yours, on his/her smartphone right now! But do you have a website that fits his mobile? Does your website have all the features for better conversion of your consumer on the mobile platform? If you are not sure, then you must already be thinking of mobile-friendly website design. In this write-up, we will tell you the meaning of a responsive website and how creating a responsive website adds value to your business.

How is Mobile-Friendly Website Design Different?

Mobile-friendly websites are designed to look good not only on desktops but also on smartphones and tablets. Here are a few key points which designers focus on when creating responsive business websites.

Layout and Structure

When creating a website for the mobile or tablet platform, the designers focus on restructuring the desktop site in a way it rightly fits the mobile screen. The Menu bar, the buttons and all the other options in the desktop site are rethought and planned for the smaller screen to ensure that the mobile website gives a pleasant experience to the visitors.

Colours and Themes

The web designers and developers may rethink the colour scheme and the theme to a certain degree. This may help enhance the appearance of the mobile website while not deviating totally from the main brand. The themes and the colours of the buttons can be chosen to ensure that they appear better on the small screen.

Call-to-action and Purpose of the Web Page

Another important factor when designing the website for the mobile platform is the way the call-to-action buttons are placed. The designers ensure that the important highlights are visible in a pleasing way in the home screen and the visitor does not have to scroll down much to reach any service or call button. The designers also strategically place the maps link and the click-to-call button in the home screen to ensure easy conversions.

Why is it Important to Create a Responsive Website?

Today, the traffic from smartphones and tablets to websites are witnessing an increasing trend as compared to desktop traffic. Therefore, having a website which does not serve the purpose of smartphone users can be meaningless.

Increases Traffic

A responsive website which is designed and optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet platforms tends to have higher traffic from various sources including social media, search engine and other digital and offline sources.

Increases Conversions

Your prospective consumer may be searching for you using a smartphone, a tablet or any other device. With responsive website design, your business site is bound to appear better and this can increase the conversions for you.

Improved Brand Perception

A beautifully designed mobile website with smooth navigation also means that your prospective consumers find it delightful to use your website. This can improve brand perception for you.

Improved Ranking in Search Engine

Improved traffic and improved brand perception also mean better ranking on the search engine. When your website is designed to match all platforms, loads smoothly and has wonderful navigation, then chances are your website ranks well in the Search Engine.

Responsive Website Design Services in Bangalore

While there are many web development companies in India, there are not many companies that pay heed to your core business requirements and develop websites for your need. Web Shark is one of the leading responsive website design companies in Bangalore. The company has a team of professionals who have great domain expertise. The dynamic team listens to all your concerns and sits and prepares a plan for you. Your requirements form the core of everything that we do. Our team develops cutting-edge websites that can serve the purpose of your business. Talk to our team today!

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