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Web Development: From Ink to Link

Trends of Digital media have been on the rise for the better part of a decade now. The world, by this means, has witnessed a Digital Revolution. An entire generation dedicated to taking everything offline, online. We, as a person of the 21st century, are witnessing a new era of innovation. Everyday there are people around the world coming up with something new, a new software, a new OS, a new smartphone, a new game, new, new, and new. That’s what the Digital Revolution is all about – giving the world something new, something that has never been seen before. While the developers/creators provide the world with novel creations, the audience reflects the same energy of interest. Curiosity is the single greatest driving force of this generation. The drive to satisfy the curiosity has set the entire world on a patch of exploration. Developers/Creators are curious as to what they can do with the given tools, or if they can make new tools to satiate their imagination; while the audience is curious as to what new can the creators present to them now. It is a perpetual cycle that just keeps on going. 

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With Digital Revolution overtaking the world, all aspects of the offline market are on tiptoes to dominate the world wide web market. Businesses, being among those elements, have gone leaps and bounds to transcend themselves for the purpose of growth and survival. The reason behind this could be the feasibility in certain offline aspects. Manpower and finances, for example, could be the reason why businesses want to invest in the virtual world. The number of people and the amount of finance it requires for a firm to maintain their online presence is much more sustainable than spending the same on marketing efforts to publicize themselves.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Small Businesses Rely on Websites to Connect with Customers. At the beginning of 2018, nearly two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website. Clutch.co

The art of taking your business online has become easier than ever. The trend, as it is, these days, has become all about presentation. How one presents themselves, their ideas, their products, and their business. Web Development has enabled the presentation skills of developers to surpass the sky; imagination has become the limit. In the same way that presentation is an element of paramount importance for any physical presence of a store, such is the case online too. The temperament is that if the products are well displayed and the store well maintained on certain subjective perspectives, the firm will be reliable. Such kind of preconceived notions are also followed by another, one that revolves around theories of price. It is a general notion that price, and presentation are directly proportional. The better the presentation, the more the price; and vice-versa, the more the price, the better expectation of presentation. This theory of price has thought to be universally applicable, this is, until the progress of web development. Due to lesser marketing costs, firms have made it possible to sell products at lower prices while maintaining a well maintained and well-crafted website. An added benefit to this has been the provision of better-quality products are lower prices, something that is often a surprise to the customer.

This was all about the practical usage and the, ‘why?’ of web development. Let’s dig deeper into the concept now. Basically, web development has three specializations: front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. 

Front-end web development, also known as client-side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

The objective of designing a site is to ensure that when the users open up the site they see the information in a format that is easy to read and relevant. This is further complicated by the fact that users now use a large variety of devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions thus forcing the designer to take into consideration these aspects when designing the site. They need to ensure that their site comes up correctly in different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform) and different devices (cross-device), which requires careful planning on the side of the developer.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Front-end_web_developmentBackend developers are concerned with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of web development. They deal with the coding of the website. Back end developers work majorly on the part of the user interface that the user cannot see. It is something that runs the website, connects it with the server, sends and retrieves information from the host/server.


Understand this using the following analogy. The back-end developer created the foundation of the building, deciding the material on which the weight of the entire building would stand, making sure of the necessities that would be required for the building to stand tall. Front-end developers make the building. They construct the building, deciding on what the outside world sees. The world isn’t concerned with the foundation because it isn’t visible, but it is extremely essential. While both the jobs have their own workload and difficulties to face, both are of paramount importance. Back-end developers must face a lot of coding burden, while front-end developers must ensure to keep the website presentation top-notch. 

Seeing the importance of web development and the amount of work it takes to get a website up and running, it is very important to make the right choice while choosing a developer(s). A website, these days, is the face of your company on the internet. A website is the primary way of contacting you when you are unavailable to conduct face-to-face business. It is your virtual presence, and like you hired the best of architect to construct your dream shop, let us, at WebShark Web Services, be your architect for your online store.

WebShark Web Services offers you the best web development company in Bangalore at the most affordable rates. Our web developers are trained both, by qualification and experience, to deliver to you the most creative and advanced web development solutions. The scope of web development is very wide and extensive. Our developers have spent years exploring the various web development tools and web development languages that contribute in the strengthening of your website’s front-end and back-end interface. A developer is only as good as his work and we are no different. We don’t claim to be good at what we do because our client testimonials do that for us. Our team is, other than web development, also specialized in graphic designing and digital marketing. In the example of the building, our developers will ensure that the building is fully constructed and well maintained, but it is our graphic designers who act as interior decorators and add on to the building’s beauty. And what good would be a beautiful building without occupants? For that purpose, we have our digital marketers to glorify the building to the world. But the one fundamental element of everything is the building itself, i.e. the web development part of the digital revolution. Our team at WebShark is not only great at front-end and back-end development, but at creativity as well. You might think what creativity has to do with writing code. Well, it is the creative spark in a website that makes it stand out and our front-end developers are here to baffle you with their ability to see the 50 shades of a plain color. We have dedicated content writers who are always there to curate the taglines and descriptions according to your demands. WebShark Web Services is a comprehensive company offering you a one-stop destination towards taking your business online. Sit back and relax while we convert your board into your code, and oh, so much more. We, at WebShark Web Services, will make sure to help you web your customers worldwide through the world wide web. 

So, the next time you are surfing the web and see a beautiful website, don’t fret; just pick the phone and call us. Who knows? (We do) You might just end up with something better. 


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