growth hacking techniques
Growth hacking

Top 6 Growth Hacking Techniques for Your Business

It was going all well for your company until you reached a pause and don’t know where to move. You’ve got clients but the number just doesn’t seem to be growing. Stuck in any of these phases? Worry not. It is only natural to find yourself in a blanked-out stage at many points during the establishment of your business. All you have to do is to keep a track of exactly where your company is lagging behind and use the right technique to fix it. Here are Top 6 growth hacking techniques that will help you get your company churning again and the customers coming in.

growth hacking technique
growth hacking technology

1. Keep them reminded

  • #1 growth hacking technique would be: All of your customers may not be long-term partners. You may have a small deal and after that, you’ve both moved on to other projects. Your customer can forget you but you can’t forget them. You have to keep them reminded about your services so that the next time they need the same, your business is the first one on their mind. It is simple to ensure this.
  • Design a drip emailing system that will send your client’s e-mails at regular intervals can prove helpful. It would be best if you can go a step further and harvest your email contacts.
  • Email marketing is found to be at least 40% more effective than marketing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Grow your email list by including a pop-up on your site for email input or an opt-in form. Emailing may be one of the older forms of communication but it has definitely not lost its market, especially in the circles of formal, business communications.

2. All for the Content

  • #2 growth hacking technique would be: Having a blog page on your website is the next big step to take. Keep your blog posted with interesting, up to date content that viewers can refer to. Having a good Search Engine Optimization for these will ensure that your content ranks up high when a reader is looking for information on that topic.
  • The content you create should be easy to read, relevant to your audience, and shareable. This will increase its outreach and give you more traffic and hence, more potential clients.
  • Your content doesn’t have to be always new. At times, you can find old content that could be better presented now or are better suited for the current situation. Tweak it and refashion it to give you content that has a better outreach. Use the right keywords, get the SEO on point and you would have got yourself a content that attracts more readers than it did the last time it was put on your site.

3. Staying on a competitive edge

  • #3 growth hacking techniques would be: Your growth is definitely influenced by your competitors. While unhealthy competition is a definite no-no, this does not mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye out for their latest marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Say, you want to become the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, you can only do that by stepping over the other agencies. To do this, have a clear record of everything your competitors are doing and not doing.
  • Find social media sites that they haven’t tapped yet and post engaging content on them for your audience. Once you have dominated a particular social media platform, you have an unfettered audience whom you will not lose, even if your competitors make a profile on the platform.

4. Together we can

  • #4 growth hacking technique would be: Business is not just about optimizing your growth but doing so in an effective manner. Forming business partnerships with companies producing products or offering services that complement yours can help in building both your profiles together.
  • Find a brand that has such a product and try to build an alliance with them. Having a partnership with a highly reputed brand can get you some extra publicity and make your campaign easier. You can also get your partnering brands to provide guest content on your site to boost the viewership.
  • For example, suppose you offer the best digital marketing services in Bangalore, get a brand partner within the sector of digital media – but not a competitor – to write an article that can be published on your site to increase the credibility of your site and get more customer trust.

5. No one denies when it’s free

  • #5 growth hacking technique would be: If your product or service is a highly-priced one or higher up on the cost scale than the average, it may be a good idea to give your customers a taste of what it is like to buy from you without charging them for it.
  • If you provide an online service, give them a freemium membership for a limited period of time. This way, once your customers get used to using your service and find it dependable and helpful, they will be more tempted to extend their subscription and continue using your service. If yours is a product, you can give away a free sample with a magazine or a complimentary product to get your customers to try it out.
  • No one denies free products or services and will try it out when there is nothing to lose. However, ensure that you provide only the best during this free trial period because this is what will make them decide if they want to buy from you again or not.

6. Let personality be your face

  • #6 growth hacking technique would be: If you have a strong, confident personality that can easily impress people, use it to your advantage. Become the face of your brand and charm your potential customers with your personality. When they start trusting you, they start trusting your brand.
  • There are plenty of examples of such personalities in the market. Elon Musk and Gary Vee are only a few of these. What’s more? Once you have built your personality and through that your brand, you can help complementary brands grow to make a healthy business relationship that will be of use in the future.
  • Identify one quality in you that can be extended to your product and use this connection to the maximum advantage to make a personal brand out of it.

Establishing a new business is not easy. Especially given the number of start-ups that are coming up in the market. It may not be possible for you to get all of this on-point. That is why some companies hire a growth hacker who is well-versed at these to make it easier for you. These were a few growth hacks that you can use to build your brand. They aren’t necessarily easier to accomplish than the methods that have been traditionally followed. However, they are seen to be much more effective to get you a loyal customer base to shoot your growth lines up. best digital marketing companies can find the best growth hacking strategies for your business.

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