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SEO Tips & Tricks for 2020

Do you want your website to rank on top of Google’s SERP? Well, then you surely need to go through some tips and tricks to get it ranked and make your business stand out by the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Well, to start with, SEO is always at the top of the list of marketing strategies and is a vital task for any website owner. This is surely unlikely to be changed in 2020, but this does not imply that the old techniques are to be practiced. As it is known that the algorithm of Search Engines change and thus the SEO techniques also have to stay up-to-date.

Mobile optimization has worked magic as a mantra and is absolutely inevitable when it comes to SEO tactics and page rankings, Nobody knows about the future but practicing digital marketing strategies for SEO beforehand would be a good idea.

Putting some light on the SEO tips to be practiced. They are as follows:-

1) Visual Search Optimization

SEO Tips & Tricks for 2020 - Visual Search

Visual searches are going to be in trend in 2020. Already online platforms like Google Lens and Pinterest are getting billions of visual searches each month. With such budding numbers, it is highly advisable for website owners to improve and implement visual search optimization strategies. For visual search optimization, SEO of the image is the key. For image optimization, you have to include descriptive file names and alt text for each image. The strategies would be even more effective if they are handled by any professional Top 7 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore. The search engines also give significance to the sites that have been recently updated. Images that are placed at the center or starting of the page rank easily in Google.

2) Optimization of Voice Search

SEO Tips & Tricks for 2020 - Voice Search

In 2020, voice search is going to become the next big thing along with the visual searches. According to a report, 41% of adults perform a voice search every day out of which 20% are made from mobile phones, well the numbers don’t lie, do they? It has been observed that the majority of the voice search are question-based. For example, How to do a headstand? Or which movie won the Oscars 2019? Google shows the results of those websites which includes both the questions and the answers. In this case, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) pages got the attention of the search engines more quickly for voice search optimization than the other pages.

3) Backlinks still work their magic

SEO Tips & Tricks for 2020 - Backlinks

Even with all the factors mentioned above in this article, SEO and SERP are still about authority backlinks and content. Without mind-blowing content, your website will not get any links and without any good backlink, the website will never be able to crack the rankings of the first page of the Search Engines. Only the Best SEO Company in Bangalore can get you the Finest Backlinks for your business.

4) Videos are Surging Now

Predicted by researchers the year 2021 bought about 80% of the online traffic came through videos. In other words, if video optimization is not part of online marketing strategies, the Digital Marketing Company that is handling your website is making a huge mistake.

Now more video snippets are featured in the search engine results. There are three important things that you can do to get your videos content in the featured snippets. Let us have a look at them.

Classify the content in discrete segments

Clear segments help to understand the content of a video and an easy understanding of the segments helps the search engines to include various clips of your video in the snippet.

Optimizing the Video for SEO

Make sure that the title of the video should include the main keyword for faster rankings in the Search Engine Results.

Provide a Proper Transcript

Transcription or subtitles are important if the video is not in English. This will help to increase the popularity and rankings of the video on YouTube or Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine for video content. Most of the YouTube viewers turn into visitors of the website and are ultimately converted into leads.

SEO Tips & Tricks for 2020

Quick Tips for SEO for the Year 2020:-

• Always publish content that includes statistics, research, and surveys. Bloggers and Google love numbers.

• Constantly try to create visually acceptable content. It is better if you can include videos in your writing.

• Podcasts guest postings are a great way to build backlinks.

• Target for authority blog commenting.

Hence to conclude, that is how you should prepare your strategies for the year 2020 without any SEO mistakes. Follow these tips and tricks and get the best for your website. You can also get suggestions from Web shark web services which is one of Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore.

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